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Barbara Anne Newton
Barbara Anne Newton was born August 16, 1932, the daughter of Gorham "Beno" Newton and Mildred Wright Newton.

Barb married Alexander Brown in 1952. They had two children, Sandi and Scott. Their marriage ended March 16, 1971. Al died in 1984.
Barb married her second husband Bob Chatfield on April 10, 1971, in Cornwall, NY. Their marriage ended and the divorce was finalized in December, 1981. 

Barb worked at many professions during her life. She moved from the Northeast to CA in the late 1970s, staying with sister Nancy and family until she found a job at Aerospace Corp. in the early 80's.

Nancy told us, "She stayed with us for about a year. As all our bedrooms were filled with Friedfeld children, we rented a trailer from a friend down the street. We snugged it in next to the house. At that time we had many large trees there, it was as though she was in a nice forest. It gave her her own space and a place to get away from all of us when needed. The kids would frequently say, 'Bye, Mom, we're going to visit Aunt Barb,' and off they would go. We really enjoyed having her in CA, as I'd been out here for so long without family. It was a happy time for us."

When Barb retired, she moved to Tallahassee, FL, where she enjoyed Line Dancing (until foot surgery in 1997), as well as her activities with friends from the Woman's Club. After moving to FL to be near daughter Sandi and family, Barb would return to CA for several weeks in Oct/Nov. during the late 90s to cat-house sit for friends, who just happened to live across the street from Nancy and family. Having a nice long visit with them was an added bonus.

Barb died in January, 2002, in Tallahassee, from a brain tumor, probably a metastic form of sinus cancer she had suffered from earlier. Her ashes were taken to Cornwall, NY by her daughter to be buried next to her son
Scott Gorham Brown was born January 1, 1956, in Bath, NY, the "First Baby Born in 1956". Scott contracted diabetes at the age of 9, and it was stabilized with insulin. But at the age of 13, he was also diagnosed with hepatitis, making the battle of the two diseases very difficult. Sadly, he lost that battle on October 17, 1969. He is buried in Cornwall, NY, where his mother joined him in 2002.
Sandra Mildred Brown was born October 11, 1953, in Bath, NY. She lived in Bath until 4th Grade, when she moved to Cornwall, NY. She married Henry Umanos in 1975.  Single again, Sandi lives in Tallahassee, FL . Sandi continues to enjoy yoga, gardening, long walks, church activities and continues her volunteer work.

Her two sons are Jerome Scott, born September 28, 1978, and Matthew Henry, born February 17, 1982. Jerry (pictured with his mom in the middle) lives in Brooklyn, NY, and works at J Crew. He plays guitar, enjoys art, stand-up comedy and time with friends and family.

Matthew (pictured with his mom on the far right) lives in Gainesville, FL, and works at GACAR. He enjoys his dog Elmyra, gardening, art, football and time with family and friends.

You can reach Sandi at:

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