Clarence Irving Wright was born in 1907. He drew some media attention when his draft registration, No. 158, was the first one drawn by the U. S. Secretary of National Defense on October 29, 1940, to be considered for the service in World War II. He was told he might become like George Washington, "First in War". He was 36 years of age and a married man. However, he was not the first to be called, as the Bath Draft Board postponed calling all married men until all single prospects had been exhausted first. He was called to action in December 1943. But, because of his asthmatic condition, he was granted a disability discharge, arriving home on the 10th anniversary of his marriage to Rosa. He scored another first by being the first area man to be discharged from the service.
Clarence returned to his job in the wine cellars at the Old Pleasant Valley Wine Company in Hammondsport, NY, where he had worked in the finishing, packing and shipping departments.

In the picture on the right, Clarence is dressed in his Sunday best. Sister Bea is with him in the photo on the far left.

On the bottom left, you will see a very old picture of Hattie Wright with her older son Clarence leaning with a protective arm on her chair, while she holds new baby Elmer and Bea stands alongside.

In the center photo, he is with his wife Olive Rosa Butters Wright. Clarence died in 1992 in Altoona, FL. He and Rosa had no children. We lost Rosa in 1999. She is shown on the below at her home in Altoona.
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