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The WRIGHT Family
from Hammondsport, NY
Edward William Wright and Harriett (Hattie) Belle Wortman were united in marriage on January 20, 1897. That union produced the family that is featured on this website.

Edward was born May 10, 1876, in the town of Lindley, NY. He was one of eight born to Sarah A. (Bagley) and Edmond Wright. Hattie Belle Wortman was born November 24, 1880, in Urbana, NY. She was the daughter of Mary (McGowan) and William Wortman. Hattie was only 17 years old on her wedding day on a cold January in 1897, in Presho, near Corning, NY. Edward’s father had died when Edward was only 11 years old, so the dutiful son had been looking after his mother. Edward and Hattie were to move to Canada for eight years in 1912, so Edward’s brother John, who remained on the Wright family farm in Pulteney, took over the care of their mother until her death in 1909 at age 76. Mother Sarah had married a second husband, John Parcels, but remained close to her sons, and was laid to rest in John’s family plot in Drew Cemetery, Urbana, NY. The tradition of the Wright family farm was continued by John’s sons Sherman and Arthur and their families.

Edward and Hattie had five children. The first few were born while they lived in Presho. Mildred Flossie was born on April 10, 1899, and Ethel Katherine followed on October 9, 1902. Clarence Irving was born in Corning on June 27, 1907, and Beatrice Lillian was born April 28, 1911 in Pulteney. By the time Elmer Edward came along on July 26, 1918, the family had relocated in Saskatchewan, Canada. Edward operated a farm store and grain elevator for the eight years they were there.

Edward had many talents in addition to being a successful farmer and vineyard-ist, one of which was as a skilled carpenter, building many houses in the Hammondsport, NY, area. He also was the Town of Urbana assessor for a number of years.

In addition to raising her family, Hattie became an active member of the Hammondsport Methodist Church, the W.S.C.S. (Women’s Society of Christian Service), and the Ready Workers Class. Hattie died on November 22, 1946. A few years later, Edward married Lydia Welty. When he died at the age of 79, he was laid to rest beside his first wife in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Hammondsport.

Left above is the farmhouse in Llewvan, Saskatchewan, Canada, where Elmer was born, then a picture of the Wright family (early 1920s) with Hattie holding young Elmer, ClarenceBea Ethel and Edward. Missing from the photo is Mil. A family friend is sitting between Grandma Hattie and Clarence in the back left. On the right is a photo of Hattie and Edward, shortly before Hattie died. And below, a summer's day for the Wright family, in the 20s. More photos/stories here.
The Wrights of Hammondsport
Pictured above center are Edward William Wright, born May 10, 1876 and his wife Harriette "HattieBelle (nee Wortman) Wright, born November 24, 1880. Their five children are pictured on the left photo: seated on the left is Ethel Katherine (10/9/1902-6/9/1977), standing in the back Clarence Irving (6/27/1907-2/12/1992), Beatrice Lillian (4/28/1911-10/5/1985), and Elmer Edward (7/26/1918-7/19/1972). Seated are Mildred Flossie (4/10/1899-12/13/1948), and Edward and Hattie. Above right is one of the last pictures of 4 of the children, from left Clarence, Bea, Elmer and Ethel (Mil had died in 1948). The navigation bar will take you to each of their websites and tell you about their familes.
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And a family get-together in Hammondsport, in the late 40s. Lydia Welty Wright stands beside Edward, and next to Beano Newton. Lydie was Edward's second wife. Also, you can see young Bill Kellogg on the far right, young Dick Wright in front of Elmer (with the pipe), Rosa and Clarence, and Louise next to Edward. The 3 in the rear are from the Welty family.
After Grandma Hattie passed away, it was hard for Grandpa Edward, and he needed someone to take care of him. So, this photo on the right is his wedding to Lydia Welty, on October 25th, 1947.

On the left attending is Lawrence Welty, Lydia's son. And on the right is Bea Enscoe, Edward's daughter. 

And this was taken in front of the house in Hammondsport, as was the photo taken below, a few years later.
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