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Marilyn Kay Wright (that's me!) was born in Bath, NY, on December 1, 1944 to Elmer and Louise (Buckley) Wright. I was the youngest (2nd Hammondsport generation) cousin born, so I spent my early years surrounded by my cousins, aunts and uncles, feeling like I was a part of a very large family! We saw one another almost every day, as many of us lived on the same street in Bath, others lived within a few miles, but all in the Bath area. We'd go to Grandma and Grandpa Wright's in Hammondsport for Sunday dinners, a house full of life and laughter! So many memories.
When I was in 6th grade, we moved to Elmira, and for a few years, I was involved in a modeling career. I graduated from Southside High School in 1962. I completed my education at Syracuse University.) With my first husband, I had 2 children, Steven Edward Schulz, born September 8, 1970, and Christina Louise, born on June 12, 1973. After about 15 years, we divorced and the kids came to live with me. I learned to juggle as a single parent, working at a radio station, building an advertising agency in Rochester, and trying to improve our lot in life. I sold my agency, and managed two others over the next few years. My third husband and I separated in summer, 2003, and I moved to CT to be closer to Christina and family. I went to UConn to study law & finance courses, and worked as a Realtor from Dec. 2003 through 2005. I then returned to my Marketing Consulting work, working with startups, small to medium sized businesses and non-profits. I have a website at, as well as my personal site at I also produced and hosted a TV show, that I started in January of 2013, and we have followers of my shows (up on the YouTube channel) from all over the country and Canada. That website is I recently retired (officially as of December, 2017, and am enjoying getting back to my creative writing (my blog at From Gram 2 Gram) and published my first book, "Beyond, Tales of Life, Mystery & Murder" in early 2020, available on Amazon. You can look me up there as Marilyn Wright Dayton. I published my second book "Reflexions" soon after. And they were followed by SEVEN more books, a political thriller and several murder mysteries. You can see more at\

Below from left to right are a picture of me around 2 years old, a photo with my father (Elmer) when I was a young teen, one of my faves of Dick and me, and my mother Louise and me in the 80s.
You can reach me at

On the left is an early picture of Steven and Christina, and on the right is one taken when Christina was a HS senior and Steven was home on leave from the Navy. Steven went to RIT for a semester, then went into the Navy for about 8 years. His specialty training led him to his current career as an Ageis System technical specialist.
Steven is now working directly for the US Navy. He is currently working as the program manager representative (PMR) for PEO IWS 1.OF in Yokosuka, Japan. That is, as local rep for the main programming office for Aegis Combat Systems in Washington, DC.

Steve got married on December 12, 2009, to a beautiful Japanese gal Yuka Ougi. Christina and I were lucky enough to be there for their traditional Japanese wedding and meet her wonderful family. We love Yuka, and miss the both of them, being so far away.

Yuka was well known when she was a young girl, for her singing. Her parents have a room packed full of her trophies. And she still loves to sing (see below left). She also occasionally dresses up in the traditional Japanese clothes, as you can see below. She is a gorgeous, wonderful gal!

You can reach Steven at

Christina went to Geneseo after graduating from Penfield Hi, then on to Univ. of Buffalo, where she got her Pharmacist degree. She married Terry Fullerton, a research scientist & Doctor of Pharmacology, and they have two adorable children. Kylie Lynn was born November 27, 2000, and Brendan Patrick was born November 18, 2002. Also a member of our family is Albert "Albie" Einstein, our Samoyed. (named because he is so smart and his white fur stands up like Einstein's hair). 

Christina has worked as a Pharmacist for a couple of decades. Recently, she was promoted to the CVS corporate call center in Rhode Island, in the Multidose Packaging Department. If you sign up for a CVS MDP box for your medications, you may hear from her to check in with your therapy. She began working from home during the Covid pandemic, and still is able to work here at home today. This new shift in work/life balance has been a challenge for her, but she loves her new "dream job".

Terry is still working at Pfizer, and had the opportunity to work on an FDA submission for a new pain medication. He works long hours, and is counting down the years to his retirement.

We all live in Mystic, CT.

You can reach Christina by e-mail:
Christina at

Below is a picture of Christina & Terry on their trip to Alaska
for their 20th anniversary.
We love to do things together. The photos above are from our cruises (2013 & 2015), and a formal photo of Christina and Terry taken at our local Aquarium with the nosy beluga whale that loves to get in pictures.

On the left is our family celebrating completing and enjoying the zip line in the Caribbean island of Belize.

On the right, is our Jazz Drummer Brendan, looking cool at his drums. He loves drums and takes private lessons as well as at school, where he is in both the school band and their jazz band. He will graduate in 2021 and will attend college in hopes of a musical production and management career.

On the left is our Kylie, the dancer, with her brother. Both so grown up, working hard at their studies. Brendan is creating his own music. His first album "Oculus" is on Spotify, using his "handle" Silhouet. 
Brendan is attending Northeastern Univ. in Boston.

Kylie graduted from Springfield College, Mass, in December of 2022. She currently is doing post grad studies for her nursing degree at Northeastern Univ. She will be completing that at the end of 2024 and will decide what her specialty is to be. She works as a C.N.A. at a local nursing facility when she is home.

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