Beatrice Lillian Wright
Beatrice Lillian Wright was born in 1911. She decided on settling in Bath, NY, after her return from the years in Canada. 

She married Jack Enscoe in 1935, but raised their daughter Sue alone. (She had lost 2 boys at birth previously.)  Following her husband's death, Bea went to work at Mercury Aircraft in Hammondsport during the War. She was our own "Rosie, the Riveter." Later she became a medical secretary for Dr. Wahlig in Bath for 30 years.  She died in 1985.

On the right, she is with her daughter, Sue Ellen Enscoe.
​On the right Bea is with her nephew Bud Newton.
Below left, she is with her grandchildren.The picture under that is of Bea at one of our wonderful reunions at Keuka Lake. Above that photo is one of Bea, little Sue and little Dickie, taken back in the mid 40s. Next to that, is a picture of 'big sister' Bea with her little brother Elmer, showing her protective nature, even at a young age. Far right is a photo of sister and brother, Bea and Elmer in the 40s.

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On the right is Bea's daughter Sue Sutton (on the right), with her daughter Stacy, holding daughters Taryn (age 1 1/2) and Alyssa (age 2 1/2). This was taken at the family reunion at Lake Lure on August, 1994.
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