Mildred Flossie Wright

Mildred "Mil" Wright was the firstborn, arriving in l899. She was educated in the Canadian schools (while the family lived in Saskatchewan), moving to Bath, NY in 1919. She graduated from Miss Howell's Secretary School and began work at Farmer's and Mechanics Trust Company. She was the first woman to be appointed Steuben County deputy sheriff, gaining that honor when she was employed as clerk under the late Sheriff Lynn Kellogg in the early 1920's. In 1924, Mil joined the Steuben Advocate (local Bath newspaper) staff, serving as secretary-bookkeeper, rural editor for nearly 13 years. Mil married Beno Newton in 1925, the son of Isaac and Alida Scrafford Newton. Beno was a clerk at the VA Center in Bath. After raising 3 children (Bud, Barbara and Nancy), Mil died very young of euremic poisoning on December 13, 1948. She is pictured below on the left with her husband Beano, below that with her family, shortly before her death. The children are from left standing: Nancy, Bud and Barb.
The picture below was taken of the three sisters, from left: Ethel, Mil (seated) and Bea.

On the right are sisters Mil (on left) and Ethel taken in Lyndenville.

To see more information on Mil & Beano's children, go to their pages:
Bud Newton
Barb Newton Chatfield
Nancy Newton Friedfeld

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The 3 photos here are taken from our wRightSide family reunion held on August, 1994, in Lake Lure. 

On the left are the Newtons: Bud & Flo in the front, with Val and Pam in the back.

Below on the left are Barb's family: Matt, Henry (Sandi's husband at the time), Sandi, Barb and Jerome.

Below right are the Friedfelds: front row, Marla, Sandy (Sanford), Nancy, Ann and her then husband Kevin. Back row are Dana & Gail (then engaged) and Mark.
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