Sue Ellen Enscoe
Sue Ellen Enscoe was born July 22, 1941. She is daughter of the late Beatrice (Wright) and the late Jack Enscoe. Sue's father died when she was only 18 months old. Sue grew up an only child, although she had a half-sister from her father's firstmarriage, and 2 brothers who both died shortly after birth. (James Edward, born 1937, and Samuel Wright Enscoe, born 1938) Sue and her mother moved to Bath, NY when she was in elementary school, and she spent a lot of time with us while her mother worked. We felt more like siblings than cousins.

Sue graduated from Haverling Central School in 1959, and graduated from Cazenovia Jr. College in 1961. She worked for the law firm of Cole and Walker until 1963. Sue married Keith Allen Sutton on June 22, 1963. This started her "lifetime career as wife and mother." She joined Eastern Star in September 1978, had served as Worthy Matron in Juanita Chapter #8 in Clarks Summit, PA, from 1985-6, and Mt. Mariah Chapter #6 (when they lived in Maine) from 1993-4. She was employed as a postmaster relief replacement for South Gibson P. O. Keith has worked in heavy and highway construction for the past 41 years, and is now a bridge onstruction superintendant for the NYLEYE Bridge Co. Kelly Sue was their firstborn (December 4, 1964), followed by their son John Enscoe Sutton on July 12, 1966. Two more girls followed, Kim Lorraine on March 28, 1968, and Stacey Lynne on September 5, 1970. 
On the left is an early picture of the 4 Sutton kids; John holding Stacey, sitting next to Kelly and Kim is the one standing.
On the right is a picture of the 4 siblings taken in 1998. From left: Kelly, John, Kim and Stacey
(Stacey was pregnant with Tommy at the time)
There are more photos of the family at the bottom of this page.
You can reach Sue & Keith at
Kelly Sue's son Jordan Francis O'Malley was born on December 25, 2000.  Kelly worked as a phlebotomist for many years. They are pictured on the right.

John Enscoe Sutton married Ellen Jean Shook on July 14, 1990. They are shown above on the left in a recent photo.

Their daughter Jenna Lee was born December 20, 1992. In 1999, they lost their twin girls on the day they were born, Carlee Jean and Holly Marie. Jenna is currently working at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Jenna married Michael Strollo on September 23, 2020. And they celebrated the birth of their first child, Wilder Jay Strollo on 2/15/2022.

John works for IT Corp. working as heavy equipment operator (16 years) with hazardous materials and toxic chemicals. You can reach them at
Kim Lorraine (with family below) married Travis Montgomery Gray on February 14, 1987. They currently live in both PA and in FL. Travis is self employed.

They have 3 children, Travis Jack (TJ) pictured below , born July 28, 1987. Then, along came Joshua John on September 21, 1988. Their daughter Taylor Lorraine was born February 1st, 1991. 

Below are pictures of them as well as the latest pictures of their children/grandchildren. 
Stacy Lynne is the proud mom of three. Alyssa Lynne was born November 11, 1991. Taryn Lorraine was born February 16, 1993. Thomas "Tommy" Ewing Leyshon IV was born September 20, 1998. Taryn presented Stacy with a grandson, George Roy Aston IV, on 2/23/11.They are pictured below right. Alyssa had a son born 2/03/2021 names Brody Allen Austin, whose father is Tyler Austin. She welcomed a second son Nico Thomas on 4/17/2022. She and her boys are pictured below.

Stacy was married for the second time on 4/12/12 to Eugene J. Urban, Jr. They are on the right. 

​Her son Tommy married Kayla Lapinski on 10/12/2019.  Tommy and Kayla welcomed Amara Elizabeth Leyshon on 12/28/2021, pictured below center.
Below are pictures of the Sutton family taken within the last few years.
Travis (TJ) got married October 2nd, 2007, has a job as supervisor for Loves Travel Stops and he and his wife Stacey have 3 children. Ryleigh Noele was born on 5/19/05, Natalie Skye on 2/5/07, and Mason Jack on 2/18/10. 
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Sadly we lost Keith Sutton on January 8, 2017. Keith was a wonderful husband and father/grandfather/greatgrandfather, well loved by all in his family. We cherish the memories of Keith and what he met in all of our lives. He was 75 years old.
Taylor is doing well working full time at a local restaurant in FL.

Son Josh married Holly on 5/20/2017, and they live in PA. He loves his stepsons Ryan (b. 2012) and Evan (b. 2013). Both boys play baseball and soccer, and enjoy gaming too. Josh is a manager for Fastenal and works at all comic cons. He is a huge gamer. Holly works at Bank of America. They are on the right.

Below are the Gray grandchildren.