Nancy Jeanne Newton
Nancy Jeanne Newton was born September 22, 1934, the daughter of the late Mil Wright Newton and "Beno" Newton. We lost Nancy on June 20, 2008, at her home in California.

Nancy married Sanford Joel "Sandy" Friedfeld on December 28, 1958, in New York City. Nancy said, "We settled in California, where Sandy 'engineered' and I 'nursed' until our 4 beautiful children came along. When the kids became older, I went back to school for my BSN and a couple of years ago retired from 15 years of doing clinical drug research in Psychiatry. Sandy retired from TRW in 1992 and has been a happy, busy retiree since, doing model railroading, the yacht club in Redondo Beach and gatherings with friends. He always has fun. The years have flown by and here we are, looking for the 'gold' in the golden years!" Nancy had returned to school at Cal State Long Beach, graduating with a bachelor's of science in nursing. She finished her career as a research coordinator for large psychiatric pharmacology studies.
The above 2 pictures are of the 4 Friedfeld children as they were growing up. On the right is a picture taken in 2001 of the entire family. They are:
Adult Row: Sandy, Marla Jeanplong, Gail (with baby in utero), her hubby Dana Keir, John Jeanplong, Mark,  Nancy, Annie & Kevin Lynch.
The boys are: twins Brian and Jake Jeanplong, Tate Keir (being held by Daddy Dana) , David Lynch.
Far right is a recent picture of the 3 sisters: Annie, Gail and Marla
Marla Kay Jeanplong

Nancy and Sandy's first child was Marla Kay, born January 10, 1962. Marla married John Bradley Jeanplong on June 16, 1989, and they have fraternal twin boys, Brian Philip and Jake Thomas, born July 1, 1991. 

John and Marla sold their house and business in the summer of 2017 and moved to Maui, Hawaii, at the end of that October. They have two acres of land which currently has two cows on one of the acres and their cottage on the other. Chickens run wild over the property and there's plenty of feral cats to tend to. Layla is the house cat and she rules over all. John and Marla find plenty to do with all of these creatures, but may one day find a job outside of their home.

Jake and Brian are both settled in CA for the time being. Jake is a Radiology Technologist in San Diego and loves it. Brian is in Santa Barbara working for Trader Joes hoping to expand into their wine purchasing department. They both visit Maui as often as possible.

Mark Allen Friedfeld was born on Columbus Day, October 12, 1964. And according to Mark, "like ole Christopher, I've been moving around the glove during my life. After spending my entire youth in Rancho Palos Verdes, I went to school in Northern California at the University of California at Davis. I continued my education across the country at the American University in Washington, DC, where, for reasons known only to me, I became a lawyer. 

The siren call of travel again called and he was off to Anchorage, Alaska, where he spent 2 years clerking for the Court of Appeals, and learned how to sea kayak, cross-country ski, ice-climb and survive volcanic eruptions and below-zero weather. Returning to reality after this adventure, he went back to DC where he left the law to work for the Princeton Review, helping students prepare for college and graduate school admissions. He was recruited to join the admissions team at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. 

Mark soon decided that 14 years away from CA was long enough. For the past few years, he has lived in Oakland and works at UC at Berkeley as an MBA career counselor at the Haas School of Business. In his spare time, he can be found cycling in the Oakland hills and swimming in the San Francisco Bay. He loves live music, ethnic cuisine and his family.

He can be reached at
Ann Robin was born October 10, 1966. She married Kevin Lynch on October 13, 1993, and has a son David Joseph, born October 11, 1995. (David is pictured on the left, in a recent photo with his mother) 

Annie was the medication nurse at the state hospital for the criminally insane. It is a maximum security facility, which kept her on her toes, with never a dull moment. 

Annie recently married for the second time to Michael McGourty. They are pictured on the immediate left.

Sadly, we lost this truly beautiful free-spirited gal. Annie died suddenly on 11/20/2016. She will be forever sadly missed.

Our hearts go out to David and to her husband Michael.
Gail Holly was born February 12, 1969. She married Dana Keir on August 5, 1995. Their sons are Tate Robertson, born February 13, 2000, and Chase Newton, born December 28, 2001. 

Tate is attending Cornell University and recently changed his major to Business with a Hospitality minor. He plays soccer and was nominated to the All Ivy 2nd Team. Chase is a senior in high school this year and plays soccer for the Pateadores Academy. He is excited to start college at Claremont McKenna College in the Fall of 2020..

Dana is a Vice President at Lancer Claims Services and manages a staff of insurance professionals in the Professional Liability arena. He still plays soccer for a local team and enjoys golfing and spending time with the boys. Gail is working as an RN, practicing cosmetic nursing in Irvine, doing laser, botox, collagen, and micro derm abrasion. She is part of the BSN Portrait Spa. In her spare time, she enjoys doing Creative Memories and working on the house. They both enjoy their careers and travel whenever they can to watch Tate and Chase play soccer.

Gail and family live in Mission Viejo, CA and can be reached at
After a wonderful 82 years of life, on early Saturday morning, February 11, 2017, we lost our amazing WrightSide Family member Sanford Joel Friedfeld. He was gregarious and and always the life of the party. He loved to dance, waterski, represent the powerboat armada at the King Harbor Yacht Club, ride his bike on the Strand, and gather with his Five O'Clock Beer Buddies in the garage on Quailwood Drive. He was affectionately known as Grandpa Choo Choo by his five grandsons who shared his love of model trains. Above all else he loved family and will be missed by all. 
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Their address in Hawaii:
Marla and John Jeanplong
1855 Kauhikoa Road
Haiku, HI 96708

Email is jeanplong